My Technical Channel

My Technical Channel
7th July 2020 No Comments News Marcus Lam

In this channel, I would like to share my experience in Unity, programming, and hardware design. Let see if my experience interested you.

Why do I want to do this?

The story begins not so far from now. I was trying to connect my app to AWS using the official SDK.

Then I found that the SDK does not work in Unity2019.

I try to find the solution from google and YouTube as usual, but this time I spent a lot of time combining the answer to solve it.

Also, I found that there are so many posts asking the same question but end up with no answer.

So I post the solution on my website and reply to those posts. After that, someone left me a thank you comment on my page. I feel that I have learned a lot of things from the internet, so maybe it is my turn to offer some tutorials.

About The Author
Marcus Lam An Electrical Engineer with programming skill in Hong Kong. Provide technical solutions for hardware or software projects.

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