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  • Yes Or No Coin
    30th November 2019 No Comments Hello everyone! Do you like a physical coin more than a Math.random(0,1)? You may try this one :) Yes Or No Coin iOS: Android: You may find this coin in other app...
  • An app for my son
    30th November 2019 No Comments Son: Dad I want to turn left.Me: Son, the train does not work like this. It only runs along the railway.Son: BUT I WANT TO TURN LEFT!Me: Well, my be I can build one for you. The idea is when you want to turn left, the left railway would be generated.This app may release on Play

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  • Nice to meet you!
    30th November 2019 1 Comment Hello, I am Marcus. I am a dad and an engineer. To be specific, I am an electrical engineer. However, I built a lot of devices that interact with the smartphone. I know how to program in C#, Objective C, Java, etc for Windows, iOS and Android devices. I would like to share my experience

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