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  • Dad Is Running
    6th May 2020 No Comments The project deadline is coming! How long can you survive? Free download iOS: Android: How to play: Tap to Jump Double Tap to Double Jump Obstacles: Project Manager Review your progress and slow down your progress Printer Colleague: The printer is not working. Can you fix it? Colleague's Computer Colleague: My PC

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  • AWS SDK Unity 2019
    5th April 2020 12 Comments If you have read and followed the official AWS SDK webpage, but you can not make it work in Unity 2019. I could help you here. First, the AWS SDK should work in Unity 2018. If it does not work, please check the awsconfig.xml and link.xml setup. You may put those files under Assets\Resources. Here

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  • Train Infinite
    3rd April 2020 No Comments My Son: Dad, I want the train turn left.Me: Son, the train does not work like this.My Son: BUT I WANT THE TRAIN TURN LEFT!Me: (um…What if I make an app that the train can turn) Please enjoy the train simulation in this app. You may control the train speed and TRUN THE TRAIN!The map

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